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Mixed feelings about amp

For a long time I believed that amp is definitely the future of web development and content delivery, but after reading some hacker news posts about avoiding CDNs for external frameworks and about the weak performance of amp I wanted to dig deeper into the topic and summarize my thoughts.

Does amp as concept make sense?

I'm not sure!

Googles accelerated mobile pages framework provides a common set of components with which the amp team wants developers to build their mobile websites.

The benefits of using the same standardized components across multiple websites could be the following:

In order to push the amp technology Google went further and even offered to not only host the used libraries, but also the whole website that uses amps components and mark these pages on the search result page which increases directly the click through rate and load time and therefore indirectly the search ranking.

Does using amp increase your organic traffic?

I'm not sure

Yes, more people will see the content you created, but because amp pages are hosted on Googles servers Google traffic increases the most. Google will be able to collect even more data on how users interact with your website.

If your websites target is to display ads you probably won't benefit from amp, but if you want to sell a product, create leads or distribute content you can benefit from using amp.

Eleventy amp plugin & couldflare

The current version of my little website is statically generated with Eleventy ( and cached on cloudflares servers. I do this for testing purposes mostly. As I discovered the eleventy amp plugin and an option on cloudflare to still show your original hostname on amp hosted pages on Google I wanted give them a try.

As for now this is my only page which is build with amp components. (The image on the top and the tweet preview below)

I will reply to my tweet in order to see if cloudflare is really able to overwrite the hostname.

If you have any questions, just hit me up on Twitter: